Designs that are unique as a fingerprint. Each piece is composed of basic similar shapes, but the combinations of those shapes are an infinite playground

About the artist

Welcome to my weird and wonderful world!

I was born as Daniel Borgelt in 1985 in the eclectic city of Louisville, KY.

A great city to be a part of, with it’s big time momentum yet small time

euphoric appeal. I was a resident for a short spell before moving home to

the hills of southern Indiana just outside the small country town of Elizabeth. 

I grew up surrounded by few neighbors and an abundance of forested lands.

Many of my days consisted of walking across fields of golden grass, teetering on

edges of valley waterfalls, and walking along steep rocky bluffs. 

Giving  plenty of excuses for isolation and reflection throughout my life, I began

experimenting with abstract art as a medium of communication.

Some of my works are computer aided design, but the foundation of most

are simply built with a micron pen, paper and the following ideas in mind:

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no filters

Clearing the mind and working in the moment. Keeping the process simple and quant. In order to access deep primal design centers of the mind, the educational and society filters put in place must be suppressed

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end result

Works of art that are built on the basic foundations of the conscious mind. A look into the primal inner workings of a human mind. After most works are finished, they look very unfamiliar and alien to me

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